The Board is composed of 4 officers, at-large members, and the Park Manager.  Board members serve staggered terms as shown below. 

The Board meets 3 times a year, with the annual meeting held at Rock Island State Park in the summer months.

F.O.R.I. Board Members


 Tina Jacoby

Tina Jacoby 2019-2020 (1-year term)

Tina was appointed as Acting President until the July 5th election.  She replaced Randy Spevacek who retired from the Board and his Acting President position.  Tina joined the Board in 2014 as a member at large and served as Acting President in 2017 and Acting Vice President in 2019. Along with her husband, Gary, Tina has volunteered at summer picnics and helps at Spring Cleanup Weekend, as well as assisting the Merchandise committee with inventorying and organizing merchandise at the park. She is also a member a of our Docent Selection Committee. She and Gary have volunteered as docents at the Lighthouse, on our Annual Picnic weekends many times, helped with our woodlot concession work and does weekend park coverage as needed.  She resides in Random Lake, Wisconsin. Email Tina.



Colleen Andrews  2019-2021 (2-year term)

Colleen was elected Secretary in 1997 and continues in that role.  She was appointed as Acting Vice President until the July 5th election because Tina became Acting President.  She previously served as Board Vice President from 1995 - 1997 and as newsletter editor for a few years.  She also edits our web site and Facebook page as well as coordinates the Silent Auction at our annual Summer Picnic. Colleen and her husband, Rick Simmons, have served as volunteer docents at the Lighthouse many times and offered weekend park coverage as needed.  She lives in Almond, Wisconsin.   Email Colleen.



Jeanell Dailey  2019-2021 (2-year term)

Jeanell has served on the Board since 1994 and is our longest serving Board member.  She was elected Treasurer in 1997 and continues in that role. Jeanell serves on our Docent Selection Committee, volunteers at summer picnics and serves as a docent at the Lighthouse each summer.  She is from Madison, Wisconsin.   Email Jeanell.


Ranger Michelle Hefty

Michelle Hefty

Michelle Hefty, Property Manager at Newport and Rock Island State Parks
In March, 2016, upon the retirement of Ranger Randy Holm, Michelle Hefty assumed daily management of Rock Island State Park.  She manages both Rock Island and Newport State Parks.  She is from Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. Email Michelle.

Margie O'Connor

Margie O'Connor  2019-2020 (1-year term)

Margie joined the board in 2015 as a member at large and continues to serve in that role. She organizes our merchandise sales at the Lighthouse, at the contact station on Rock Island, at the Jackson Harbor Park Office, at the Kupstauder on Washington Island and at all of our special events each year. Margie resides on Washington Island.  Email Margie.

Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston  2019-2020 (1-year term)

Jim joined the board in 2005 as a member at large and continues in that role.  Jim serves on our Merchandise Committee with Margie and provides weekend park coverage as needed.  He served as FORI Newsletter editor from 2013-2015.  He has raised thousands of dollars in donations and brought lots of volunteer workers from his clubs for FORI projects and events.  Jim lives in Milwaukee, WI.   Email Jim.


Vicki Auble-Simpson 2019-2020 (1-year term)

Vicki was elected to the Board in 2012 as a member At Large and continues in that role.  Vicki serves as our Docent Coordinator on the Docent Selection Committee.  She has served as a docent at the Pottawatomie Lighthouse museum with her husband, Jim, for a couple of years, volunteers at our summer picnics and cannot get enough of Rock Island and Door County.  She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Email Vicki.



Greg Koelpien

Greg Koelpien 2019-2020 (1-year term)

Greg joined the Board in 2017 as a member at large and continues in that role.  He has volunteered as camp host, weekend park coverage, as a Lighthouse docent and helped at many Spring Cleanup Weekends  and summer picnics along with his son, Will and his wife, Deanna.  He is currently serving as our Newsletter Editor.  Greg resides in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  Email Greg.


Salim Zerhouni Photo

Salim Zerhouni 2019-2020 (1-year term)

Salim joined the Board in October, 2017 as a member at large and continues to serve in that role.  He has volunteered at park cleanup weekends, at summer picnics, provided weekend park coverage as needed and served as a Lighthouse docent with his wife, Sabrina. He volunteered in cutting and splitting wood during winter 2017 and spring 2018. Salim lives in DePere, Wisconsin.  Email Salim.


Erik Lucia

Erik Lucia 2019-2020 (1-year term)

Erik joined the Board as Vice President in 2007 when Bill Olsen retired.  He stepped up to the the Presidency when Tim Sweet stepped down in 2008.  Erik stepped down from the President role in 2019 but continues to serve as an At Large member.  With his wife, Cyndi, he has spruced up the Boathouse displays, museum room and Thordarson furniture, cleaned up the Dewey Thordarson Cottage, built the wood shed, served as Lighthouse docents, volunteered at park cleanup weekends and at summer picnics, plus so much more.  Erik and Cyndi live in Luxemburg, WI.   Email Erik.


Cyndi Lucia Member Emeritus

Cyndi joined the Board in 2007 as a member-at-large and served as Vice President from 2011-2012.  She stepped down in 2019.  Her incredible energy and creativity for so many years have helped to keep Rock Island State Park in good condition and always improving.  She lives in Luxemburg, WI.   Email Cyndi.


Grace Ann Carpenter  Member Emeritus

Past Merchandising Coordinator - Grace Ann joined the board in 2004 as a member at large and served until 2015. She was a childhood friend of Chester Thordarson's granddaughter, Julie, and they remain friends today. Grace Ann resides on Washington Island.  Email Grace Ann


Tim Sweet  Member Emeritus

Tim is a founding member of the Friends of Rock Island who served as Secretary since 1994 until he was elected President in 1997. In 2008, he stepped down as he had taken on the role of the President of the new Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands (FOPPI) organization.  He has served as FORI docent coordinator from 2004-2014 and as a docent at the Lighthouse each summer. He resides in Clintonville, Wisconsin.  Email Tim.

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