Corbin Memorial Cemetery Stone

Corbin Marker Corbin

As you can read on the stone, David Corbin was the first lighthouse keeper on Rock Island. He was born in Vermont, but he died on Rock Island. There was no marker for his grave, so the Friends of Rock Island raised funds to put this memorial stone in the cemetery near the Pottawatomie Lighthouse in 2003. The stone was dedicated on June 28, 2003 at 1pm at the cemetery. A bag piper played for the ceremony and the pastor from the Lutheran Church on Washington Island officiated. Members of the FORI Board were present to give tribute to our first keeper.

David Corbin came to Rock Island as a single man. After a long while working on Rock Island alone, the Lighthouse Inspector thought he was too lonely and granted him a two-week leave to go off-island to find himself a wife. He returned in two weeks, but did not have a wife with him. He died a bachelor on Rock Island and was buried there.

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