Fresnel Lens for Lighthouse Lantern Room


The Friends of Rock Island and the Department of Natural Resources have received a grant to obtain and install a replica of a 4th order Fresnel Lens with pedestal in the lantern room of the Pottawatomie Lighthouse.

Hopefully, the lens will be delivered and installed in time for the May 21-22, 2005 Lighthouse Walk Weekend.

The computer rendering to the left shows our lens with reflector and pedestal.

The next picture shows a 4th Order lens with a lighthouse keeper.   This lens is installed in a replica of the Old Plantation Flats Lighthouse in Virginia Beach, VA.

Our replica will be wired so it can be connected to a solar battery power source and be lit once again.  Permission from the Coast Guard is being sought for the relighting of the Pottawatomie Light.

The replica will be made by:
Dan Spinella
Artworks - Florida
P.O. Box 470123
Celebration, FL 34747

See the making of our lens as reported by Dan Spinella.

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