Information Kiosk near Park Dock

A new information kiosk area is being installed near the park dock. The project was designed by the DNR's Dotti Krieger with input from the FORI Board. The project was funded in part by a $6,000 ADA grant from the DNR, a $10,000 Stewardship grant from the DNR and a matching grant funded by FORI that included $5,000 cash and $5,000 of non-monetary donations. The kiosk will display information about the park across the water for those who are unable make the trip over. It will include a boulder in the center of the display area that will serve as the support for a bronze topographical map of Rock Island. Those who are vision-impaired will be able to learn about Rock Island by touching the map. It was designed by Joyce Killebrew and manufactured by Skurja Art Castings, both of Prescott, Arizona. The kiosk construction work is being done by Cornell Construction of Washington Island. Signs & photos will be installed on both sides of the kiosks and a dedication is being planned for next summer at the Park. As of late September, the installation looks like this:

kiosk1 kiosk2

The tactile bronze map has arrived. The contours of the island are delineated as well as replicas of the Lighthouse on the north end and the boathouse on the west side.

maptactile map tactile
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