Lighthouse Lantern Room


This picture was taken during the 1998 Project year and shows the lighthouse from the south. The Lantern Room platform is visible. This is also the summer kitchen entrance.


This view of the lighthouse is from the west and also from the 1998 project year. This is the main entrance into the lighthouse. The Lantern Room platform is also visible from this vantage point.

This older, black & white photo also shows the summer kitchen entrance. The date this picture was taken is not known.

Pott Light

This picture was taken during the 1999 project year and shows the frame of the new lantern room that was constructed using old iron castings found in the lighthouse summer kitchen plus some fabricated pieces to make a roof spider and upright supports.


Our coppersmith, Frank Luckenbach installed the copper roof on the lantern room in June, 1999.


Tony Hodges caulked the channels for the lantern room glass which was donated by Hoffer Glass of Green Bay.


Frank installed the copper vent ball - 'the cherry on the sundae, according to Jim Johnston of Milwaukee who helped with the installation work in June, 1999.


Tim Sweet, our president and the photographer for this page, liked the view from the new lantern room in June, 1999.

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