Our Projects & Events

FORI assists Rock Island State Park with all sorts of projects and volunteer work.  This is a list of the projects that have been completed at the park since the Friends organization was formed.  Projects are funded by donations and grants, for the most part.  The FORI Board determines how and when to spend the funds that have been raised through donations and sales of park merchandise in conjunction with the DNR Park Manager.  Our efforts have helped keep Rock Island State Park operating well since 1994.

Lighthouse Museum Operation and Maintenance


Boathouse Museum Maintenance

  • Thordarson Furniture UV Protection
  • Refinish Boathouse Floors
  • Organize Thordarson Memorabilia Room in Boathouse
  • Create Photo Displays in the Boathouse
  • Refurbish Thordarson Furniture in Boathouse
  • Create standards and cords to protect Thordarson Furniture in Boathouse
  • Refurbish Thordarson Barroom in Boathouse
  • Establish FORI Merchandise Storeroom in Boathouse
  • Replace the Boathouse decking


Cemetery Maintenance



  • Annual Independence Day Fundraiser Picnic
  • Firewood Concession
  • Annual Door County Maritime Museum Lighthouse Festival Tours
  • Sesquicentennial Celebration for Pottawatomie Lighthouse
  • Dinner & Silent Auction Celebration of the Opening of the Pottawatomie Lighthouse Museum
  • Establish a Facebook Donate Button on the FORI Facebook Organization Page


Support Park Buildings and Operations


Support Eagle Scout Projects

  • Benches throughout the Park
  • Lighthouse Cliffside Fence
  • Lighthouse Flagpole Restoration
  • Lighthouse Solar Well Cover and Storage Battery Housing
  • Algonquin Nature Trail Signs


Special Projects

  • Memorial Bench for Paul King on the Boathouse Deck


Maintain Park History

  • Restore historical photos from the Thordarson era
  • Create an archive of historical Thordarson negatives from the 1920-30's