Restored Lighthouse

Tours of the restored Pottawatomie Lighthouse Museum began on Memorial Day Weekend, 2004. They continued each week from Sunday, June 6th thru Sunday, October 17th. Live-in docents hosted over 1200 visitors from Dedication Day on May 17th thru - July 11th. Visitation increased during the remainder of the summer as the weather warmed up and folks took their summer vacations. Visitors signed a guest book and also made contributions in appreciation of the special experience they had touring the oldest lighthouse in Wisconsin

Notice the colors of the rooms which were restored to 1910 period colors specified by the restoration architect chosen for this project. The floors are all painted lighthouse gray except for the Keeper's kitchen which has a maple board floor finished with clear sealer rather than paint. We believe it had to be replaced in the early 1900's, so was replaced with floor boards rather than the planks found throughout the rest of the house.

Pictures of the Lighthouse Museum as it looked during the 2004 summer tour season follow:

Lighthouse Parlor

Colleen admires the turn of the century graphophone in the main keeper's parlor. With its green and gold settee and matching chairs, the Lighthouse parlor looks like the parlor of some Green Bay Packer fans.

Set of Lighthouse Service dinnerware

Julie Sweet unpacked and arranged the dinnerware in the china hutch. FORI purchased a set of Lighthouse Service dinnerware and placed it in the china hutch in the Keepers kitchen.

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